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Since 1984, attorney Patricia A. Kalal has helped residents of Northern Illinois with their divorce, child custody and paternity issues. We are committed to providing you with focused and compassionate legal counsel that takes into account your unique circumstances and goals. If you think you might require a lawyer's assistance with your family law problem, contact our firm for an initial consultation.

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Divorce Related Issues

The end of a marriage can also be a new beginning, but not if continuous legal battles or unfair settlements prevent both parties from moving on.

If you are concerned that you are being left out of the divorce process and want to make sure you are represented fairly, contact the Law Offices of Patricia A. Kalal. We will help you to quickly and efficiently resolve your divorce so you can get a fresh start.

Child Custody and Related Issues

The most important concern in a divorce with children involved is often how to share parenting responsibility.

The main question on both parties' minds is often how each spouse can preserve his or her relationship with the child after the marriage ends. But it is not enough to simply devise a visitation agreement that satisfies both parents' desire for contact with their child: A parenting plan must always take into account the child's best interests as well.

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Paternity and Father's Rights

We have been helping responsible fathers maintain relationships with their children for over two decades

If you have been diligent about financially supporting your child, it can be deeply upsetting when your ex-spouse attempts to undermine your relationship with your child by withholding access from you. Custody does not equal ownership. You have a legal right to be active and involved in your child's life.

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I was SO glad to have you representing me in court. You gave me a sense of calm and I thought your demeanor was extremely professional, capable and unassuming. I felt I had chosen wisely in you and I appreciated your professionalism.

- M.C., divorce client

“ I just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done for me professionally and as a person. You helped me get through this experience with minimal injuries.”

- Kurt L., divorce client

“I felt that you handled every detail very professionally, efficiently, and courteously, and always made me feel informed and very comfortable.”

- Mary K., divorce client

“You were so good at helping me legally, personally and emotionally. Thank you for all you did.”

- M.R., child custody client

“Thank you for taking our case in for believing in us and our case. Thanks again for all your help and support.”

- Karen and Bob S., former litigation clients

“I can’t thank you enough, you have been such a wonderful help in a difficult situation.”

- L.R., former client

“Thank you for your genuine concern.”

- Ed M., former client

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